1. Bond To Go Ahead Despite Equity Strikes

    By daniel on 2001-11-27

    Variety have reported that filming of Bond 20 will go ahead despite the upcoming actors Equity strike in the United Kingdom.

    The UK actors union Equity will thankfully allow filming work to go ahead on Bond 20 after a special deal struck with EON Productions. Details of the deal have not been disclosed. However, details aren't important. What's important is that we all get to see Bond 20 on the silver screen in 2002.

    The strike in the UK will take place on Decmber 1 as the Equity want to renegotiate a deal which gives actors a flat fee in advance when their films are shown on television or sold for home viewing on video or DVD.

    A spokesman for Equity told Variety that members are in favour of resolving the conflict using something similar to the EON deal.