1. Saved Vulcan Bomber Takes To The Sky

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-06-14

    In early March, reported that James Bond fans were being called upon to save the Vulcan Bomber plane.



    At the time, the restored Vulcan bomber XH558—the only one still capable of flight—was set to be grounded permanently unless supporters could come up with £1m million by a strict deadline later that month.

    Richard Clarke, spokesman of the Vulcan to the Sky trust, who led the campaign to save the plane, hoped that 007 fans will assist in what ways they could as the plane had a pivotal role in Sean Connery’s 1965 Bond film Thunderball.

    We can happily report that the necessary funds were raised in time, and according to the BBC News, the Vulcan made a stunning comeback as it took to the skies today at RAF Cosford in Shropshire for the first time since the campaign.

    Navigator Andy Marson from Timberland near Woodhall Spa, said it was a real privilege to fly a plane so closely-linked to his home county.

    ‘The Vulcan is synonymous with Lincolnshire, especially with Lincolnshire being bomber county and of course throughout the Vulcan’s career, it was always based in Lincolnshire,’ he said. ‘And also I’ve spent the last period of my career flying the Lancaster as well at the Battle of Britain flight.’

    ‘Never has one aircraft owed so much to so many,’ said Vulcan to the Sky trust chairman Robert Pleming in regards to the massive support received in order to save the plane in such short notice.

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