1. How The Cast And Plot Came To Light?

    By daniel on 2001-11-26

    Assuming that yesterdays news about the cast and plot of Bond is true, then how did it come to light without a proper press release? Bond 20 Forums user Zencat theorises as to why;

    I can image a scenario like this. Eon’s Korean based PR people are eager to promote the news of Bond 20 shooting in their country and Korean actors being used, etc. They’re privy to choice plot details and the news of the Halle Berry casting. But Eon tells them to hold back on all news until the “official” press release date of Nov. 22. Nov. 22 comes…and Eon (for whatever reason) pulls the news at the last minute. But no one thought to call the Koreans! Hence, major leak.

    For anyone confused by the refence of November 22, it was long considered that EON and MGM would issue a press release about Bond 20 with plot and casting details. With that in mind, as Zencat sees it, the Korean based PR team make their announcement on November 22 unaware that the announcement has been postedponed.

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