1. The Fake Script

    By David Winter on 2000-06-03

    Here’s an exclusive from our new source The Dandy regarding the Bond 20 Script. There is a false script circulating through the higher heavens (ie. those involved with Bond 20 in one way or another from our level up). It’s titled Vengence Comes To Those Who Hate and it based upon a 1995 students James Bond film. This film has been transcripted and adjusted to seem like it could be a contender for Bond 20 with adjustments to remove ‘Q’ and replace him with ‘R’. This script was found at Pinewood Studios in the canteen and was rumoured to have been accidently left around by the producers of the James Bond series. For those of you who follow Doctor Who you may have made the connection to the fake movie script that was ‘accidently’ left around at a convention. Of course this script must be taken as a hoax to try and start more Bond rumours. I can say that we may have it online soon, the students movie version is on our way out to us (via snail mail) and perhaps we’ll get our hands on that script. Stay tuned for more later!!

    Update: The fan film ‘Vengeance Comes To Those Who Hate’ will soon appear on BondFanFilms.Com. Check it out, you’ll like it!