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  1. Pierce Brosnan Talks 'Tomorrow Never Dies'

    Voices From Krypton dove into the archives this past weekend and posted an audio interview James Bond fans will definitely want to give a listen to.

    Pierce Brosnan

    Pierce Brosnan

    Taking place in late 1997, interviewer Ed Gross got a chance to speak with Pierce Brosnan as he was just about to embark upon a massive press and publicity tour for the then-upcoming 18th official 007 film, Tomorrow Never Dies.

    In part one of this interview, Brosnan discussed how his life had been transformed following the worldwide success of GoldenEye two years ago as well as the state of his recent and upcoming non-Bond projects, such as Dante’s Peak and Grey Owl.

    ‘Life is full and rich in possibilities,’ he said. ‘Having been an actor for 20-odd years, you adore it. You absolutely relish it and everything seems to be doable. It’s great to see GoldenEye be a great success and have a whole new generation grow up with this character.’

    'Tomorrow Never Dies'

    Tomorrow Never Dies

    Brosnan then goes on to speak about Tomorrow Never Dies and it’s frenzied production schedule that was often the focus of the media throughout 1997. Dismissing reports regarding infighting on the set, he did acknowledge that it was not without some difficulties, such as the schedule moving around on a near constant basis.

    He also discussed the production moving forward without an actual completed script (since the studio wanted a follow-up to GoldenEye as quickly as possible), working alongside director Roger Spottiswoode as well as the forthcoming competition with James Cameron’s Titanic ‘You just throw the dice and you don’t know what is going to happen,’ he states. ‘A lot is riding on [this film].’

    ‘There’s more of a reality base to [Tomorrow Never Dies]. You still have the women, you still have the gadgets, the big stunts, the big action pieces, but it has more of a gritty look to it. And more reality, which I like, because I think they had gotten too comic-book. You know, GoldenEye had a great look to it and I think [Tomorrow Never Dies is snappier and more gritty.’

    Definitely head over to Voices From Krypton to listen to the interview in full.

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    Devin Zydel @ 2009-06-01