1. Spy Report: More News From Pinewood?

    By daniel on 2001-11-20

    Bond20.Com has posted a report about the construction of sets at Pinewood. I must emphasise that as this information does not come from our own source we can't gaurntee it's authenticity. But without knowing nicknames or references for any of the insiders for Bond20.Be, I can say that there past Pinewood information has been similair to our own.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    Work has been coming on nicely, B Stage is now the successful home of a torture chamber, and either after they have finished filming those scenes, or next to the Torture Chamber set they are going to begin construction on a set known as “BLADES CLUB” maybe as ice skating/nightclub scene, but that is just the opinion of our man inside, not fact.

    On that I’d have to say that the Blades Club is most likely not going to be an ice skating/nightclub scene. Fans of the Ian Fleming novels would instantly recognise the Blades Club. As ‘Jay’ points out in the Bond 20 Forums, “they haven’t read any Fleming because as we all know that [Blades] is the gentlemen’s club Bond and the old M used to go to play cards.” So is this the connection? It would certainly meet with screenwriter Purvis & Wades claim that they wish to go back to Fleming for the movies.

    In A Stage they have started building lots of cylindrical sections (Purely white), and also a huge crane weight has been moved in, so something big must be in the works!

    M’s Office is nearly finished All the glass sliding doors, and backdrops are now in place.

    Our man is not too sure what’s happening in D Stage, looks like the grand ballroom set has been scraped!

    Today, Construction starts on E-Stage apparently, the set is called Moon Base Interior. Other exterior shots will be filmed at Farnborough.

    While it is possible for a set to have been scrapped, what is with the set called ‘Moon Base Interior’. Is it a serious reference? Is Bond going back into space, or atleast the villains? After Moonraker it’s doubtful. You’ll note that the informant has said “the set is called” meaning he or she is likely to be reading it from the set label sign. Producers could have easily named this set incorrectly to throw such informants off from what is really being built inside. It’s quite possible that it’s a crucial set piece and they don’t want it’s true nature to be revealed.

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    A big thank you to Jay for alerting me to the news, which you can discuss in the Bond 20 Forums in this thread which Jay recently started. See you there!