1. Scottish Artist 'Fish' Auditions For Bond 20

    By daniel on 2001-11-19

    Scottish recording artist 'Fish' has reported on his own website that he's auditioned for a role in Bond 20. The website of the 43 year old, born Derek William Dick, has this;

    November: Fish has auditioned to play a role in the next James Bond movie. Although he’d been asked a few times to go for the part, he thought that he’d miss it due to touring. When he arrived back from South America he was asked again, and the audition went ahead in London on the day before the Mean Fiddler gig. If he gets the part, shooting should take place between January and March 2002 at Pinewood and in Iceland.

    Aside from an official admission of an audition from Fish, the locations of Pinewood and Iceland really stand out. We've had many reports from Pinewood in recent weeks, all about set construction for Bond 20. We've also had reports that Iceland would be a filming location for the film. It seems that 'Fish' maybe going for a substantial role if he'd be required for three months of filming.

    Sadly, it's hard to get anymore information from the piece. Bar the March 2002 date, which is not necessarily important as it is likely to only be the date that 'Fish' finishes his filming work. On the same page however, it's mentioned that Fish was "told that Cubby Brocolli's daughter was" one of the "guests at the Mean Fiddler show in London.

    As casting news hots up keep an eye on Fish. And speculate about him the Bond 20 Forums! Where else?

    Finally, if you're interested in reading more about Fish check out his official website and this biography.