1. 'Devil May Care' Paperback Shipping From

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-05-25

    The paperback edition of Devil May Care is now shipping a few days ahead of the official 28 May release date from

    Literary 007 fans can currently order the centenary James Bond adventure by Sebastian Faulks for 50% off of the £7.99 list price.

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    'Devil May Care' UK paperback edition

    Devil May Care UK paperback edition

    ‘There’s something I need your help with. The details are a little hazy at the moment, but I sense that it’s going to be something big. Very big indeed. Have you ever heard of Dr Julius Gorner?’

    It’s a name that will become seared into James Bond’s consciousness. The name of a man who knows no master but his own power-crazed ego, whose wealth is exceeded only by his greed and who will stop at nothing until he has destroyed the very heart of Great Britain.

    A savage execution is the desolate outskirts of Paris sets in motion a chain of events designed to lead only to global catastrophe, as a tide of lethal narcotics threatens to engluf Sixties Britain, a British airliner goes missing over Iraq and the thunder of coming war echoes round the Middle East…

    Bond finds a willing accomplice in the shape of a glamorous Parisian called Scarlett Papava. He will need all her help in a life-and-death struggle with his most dangerous adversary yet–a man who would dance with the Devil himself.

    Bond is back. With a vengeance.

    Written to celebrate the centenary of Ian Fleming’s birth on 28 May 1908, Devil May Care is a masterful continuation of the James Bond legacy–an electrifying new chapter in the life of the most iconic spy of literature and film.

    Picking up where Fleming left off, Sebastian Faulks takes Bond back to the height of the Cold War in a story of almost unbearable pace and tension. Devil May Care not only captures the very essence of Fleming’s original novels but also shows Bond facing dangers with a powerful relevance to our own times

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