1. J.W. 'Corkey' Fornof To Attend Mid-Atlantic Fly-In and Sport Aviation Convention

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-05-19

    J.W. ‘Corkey’ Fornof, whose aerial James Bond credits include Moonraker, Octopussy and Licence to Kill, will be making an appearance at the upcoming Mid-Atlantic Fly-In & Sport Aviation Convention in North Carolina.

    The event is scheduled to run from 22 – 24 May at the Lumberton Municipal Airport. Full details follow in the press release below:

    James Bond Flies LoPrestiFury in Mid-Atlantic Fly-In & Sport Aviation Convention May 22 – 24th

    James Bond’s stand-in pilot, J.W. “Corkey” Fornof, will be sporting his latest airplane at the Mid-Atlantic Fly-In & Sport Aviation Convention held at the Lumberton Municipal Airport.

    “Corkey” is an Alumni of University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Corkey flew with his father, J.W. “Bill” Fornof, in a world famous two ship air show with matching bronze Bearcats. Their air show business was based in Houma flying the T6, Mustang and his favorite war bird the Bearcat.

    May 22nd – 24th, J.W. “Corkey” Fornof will be flying the LoPrestiFury in an acrobatic air show. Flying the Fury, he will perform his famous Mustang routine plus the Peggy’s Tango.

    “The LoPrestiFury flys like a little fighter. It does everything my Mustang would do except 500 kts,” says Corkey. “This is one sweet ride. Roy LoPresti was right on when he designed this plane. The Fury is perfect for aerobatics or cross country flying”.

    If you remember the classic movie scene where James Bond (aka Roger Moore) flys a BD5 jet through a hanger sideways in Octopussy, then you are already familiar with the work of “Corkey” Fornof, talented stunt pilot, aerial coordinator and director. “Corkey” Fornof is the master of aviation movie action.

    “Corkey’s” list of feature movie stunts includes Harrison Ford’s 6 Days/7 Night’s, John Travolta’s Face Off, Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible II, Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park and Robert Redford and Demi Moore’s Indecent Proposal. “Corkey” is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, the Motion Picture Pilots Association, and holds a current Motion Picture/Television Flight Operations Manual for the FAA. He’s been spotted in over 100 commercials and MTV.

    For the past year, “Corkey” has been touring the country with the LoPresti Fury. “Corkey” is the perfect pilot/ambassador for this winged Ferrari-like sportster. If you’re going to show off a fast, sexy, high performance aircraft, it helps to have a secret agent as your pilot. The Fury possesses the thrilling excitement of air combat or an aerobatic WWII fighter. It’s precision and perfection allows smooth rolls and figure 8s. One can glide cross-country in this leather-seated beauty listening to tunes of your choice through the Bluetooth Headset and Intuition Ipod system.

    About LoPresti Aviation

    With certifications on 228 different models, providing for over 72,000 aircraft, LoPresti is the industry leader in HID lighting for aviation and has installed thousands of aftermarket kits. Roy LoPresti was responsible for the design and manufacture of more successful airplanes than any designer in aviation history. Mooney, Grumman, Beech, Piper, each company laid claim for a time to producing the works of his creative mind. In 1991, the legendary engineer formed LoPresti Speed Merchants, located in Vero Beach, Florida. With more than 40 Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) and Parts Manufacturing Authorizations (PMAs), plus patents and copyrights, LoPresti Aviation leads the way in performance and innovation time and again.

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