1. Brosnan Reveals No Shooting In Ireland & Shooting Date

    By daniel on 2001-11-19 has scored an interview with actor Pierce Brosnan about future projects, including Bond 20.

    Brosnan has revealed that the cameras will begin to role on the set of Bond 20 Bond "on January 13th [2002]" But it seems that Bond 20 may be his last time in the shoes of Bond.

    "They have me for three with the option for a forth and this is the option. I don't know where it's going to go after this. As for a fifth Bond, I'd like to do one – I've never really got them too tightly about a fifth," says Brosnan, downplaying earlier rumours that he had signed a fresh contract for a total of seven films.

    As for the persistant rumours that Bond 20 will be filming in Ireland Brosnan says, "Reports that parts of the Bond film will be shot in Ireland are just rumors, unfortunately Ireland will not feature in the next Bond film."

    The article is well worth a read so head over to ShowBiz Ireland. Brosnan mentions his current project, Evelyn, which is he is currently filming in Ireland. He also makes a mention of Thomas Crown 2. Sadly it seems that it's a project never destined to go ahead!

    Thanks to 'M_Bajle" for e-mailing this in!