1. Timothy Dalton Has A Licence To Exterminate

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-05-14
    Timothy Dalton

    Timothy Dalton

    Timothy Dalton has a licence to exterminate—reports The Sun.

    The former James Bond star has signed up for a role as a villain in one of David Tennant’s final episodes of Doctor Who.

    Details are currently being kept to a minimum, but it’s been reported that Dalton has already flown in from his home in Los Angeles for filming. An insider said: ‘Timothy Dalton is a big coup for Doctor Who because he’s pretty iconic.’

    ‘He’s in the UK right now and is shooting scenes over the next few weeks. It’s a good gig for him as it will be one of the most memorable episodes yet.’

    Dalton’s role will be in one the last three specials featuring Tennant in the title role. The BBC1 has yet to announce when exactly these episodes will air, but they are expected sometime around Christmas.

    The 007 actor was most recently seen as a villain when he portrayed the decidedly sketchy Simon Skinner in 2007’s Hot Fuzz.

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