1. James Bond Included In MGM's Prime Time Package To CW

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-05-14
    'Diamonds are Forever'

    Diamonds Are Forever

    MGM has announced a new Prime Time Sunday movie package that features the James Bond series for the affiliates of the CW network, according to Broadcasting & Cable.

    The package, which has secured a 65% clearance across the US within the past 10 days, includes four 007 films from MGM’s collection as well as non-Bond films such as Legally Blonde and Overboard.

    The new package results from MGM taking over the CW’s 8-10pm Sunday night programming slots this past fall. The company then offered an upgraded line of feature films after all the CW stations took back Sunday night.

    CW stations owned by Tribune Broadcasting Company, Sunbeam TV Corp., Capitol Broadcasting Company, Gray Television Inc., Freedom Communication, Inc., and the CW Plus station group have all secured the package.

    ‘MGM has a long track record of providing quality, ratings-driven films that work in a 52-week lineup,’ said Jim Packer, co-president of MGM Worldwide. ‘MGM has the right mix of films to deliver ratings while allowing CW stations to have some programming continuity on Sunday nights.’

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