1. Salma Hayek Up For Role As Bond Girl

    By daniel on 2001-11-18

    The London Evening Standard has reported that Mexican actress Salma Hayek is considering a role in Bond 20. The news apparently comes from the acress herself.

    She jokes that she can’t afford to buy clothes any more because she has spent all her money on art. Perhaps that’s why she is considering a role in the next Bond film. But isn’t she trying to get away from stuff like that? ‘Yes, but it’s being directed by Lee Tamahori, who made one of my very favourite films, Once Were Warriors.’

    The news of course holds credibility as it has been revealed by Hayek herself.

    With a casting announcement expected soon you can be sure that we'll know if Salma Hayek will appear in Bond 20 fairly soon. Until then, you can discuss the news in the Bond 20 Forums, especially in this thread which was recently started about Hayek!

    A big thank you to Jacinda from for sending in this news to us! It's greatly appreciated.