1. 'Where Would James Bond Be Without His Wristwatch?'

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-05-10

    For more than half a century, the character of James Bond has relied on his wristwatch for everything from tracking enemies to demonstrating his ‘sheer magnetism’ in romance.

    When Agent 007’s creator, Ian Fleming, wrote the fantastic stories that started it all in the early 1950s, he often focused on ‘time’ as a means of building tension and engaging his readers. This has remained a constant throughout the EON Productions films, which include famous countdowns to missile launches spelling certain global destruction – if James Bond doesn’t make it in time!

    ‘Where would James Bond be without his wristwatch?’ is one of the featured presentations at the NAWCC National Convention on Saturday, 13 June 2009, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The talk will be given by Dell Deaton, author of the February 2009 ‘WatchTime’ feature that details his discovery of the original literary-Bond wristwatch (Dell is also a member of the Forums).

    Examples of James Bond watch models from Breitling, Omega, Rolex, and Seiko will be featured.

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