1. Christopher Lennertz's 'Quantum of Solace' Video Game Soundtrack Available

    By Matt Weston on 2009-05-08

    Tanner over at the terrific spy-themed blog Double O Section has unearthed the news that Christopher Lennertz’s soundtrack to Activision’s debut James Bond game Quantum of Solace is available from

    There is, however, a slight catch. The CD is not for sale. Instead, it is only available as a limited edition promotional release, free with purchases from the website of $100 or more.

    The track listing is as follows.

    1. The James Bond Theme* (2:11)
    2. Main Menu (1:33)
    3. Science Center Fight (2:16)
    4. Double Down (1:41)
    5. Between Vitrines (1:58)
    6. Runway Incursion (2:33)
    7. Toward Montenegro (2:22)
    8. Night Train Fight (2:02)
    9. Piazza San Marco (2:12)
    10. Elevator Plunge (1:58)
    11. On The Barge (2:25)
    12. White’s Interrogation (2:10)
    13. Siena Rooftops (2:37)
    14. White’s Estate (2:54)
    15. Bregenz Floating Opera (3:10)
    16. Skyfleet (2:35)
    17. Guy Haines (2:09)
    18. Madagascar Sprint (1:52)
    19. Down The Sinkhole (2:01)
    20. The Eco Hotel (2:36)

    * – The James Bond Theme composed by Monty Norman

    Samples from four of the score’s tracks are available at

    Christopher Lennertz also composed the score for 2005’s From Russia With Love, which saw Sir Sean Connery return to voice the role that made him famous.

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