1. Daniel Craig Joins Princes William And Harry For Green Video

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-05-05

    Daniel Craig is one of the several film/music stars that has signed up to appear in a new environmental film with Princes William and Harry.

    The video will be broadcast online later tonight. Full details follow below:

    Daniel Craig Joins Princes William And Harry For Green Video

    Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Robin Williams and Joss Stone are set to appear in an environmental film with Princes William and Harry.

    The stars will also be joined by the Dalai Lama, Pele and the Prince of Wales in the 90-second clip to boost awareness of the Prince’s Rainforest Project.

    They all appear with a digitally-created frog in the film which will be broadcast on several websites, including MySpace, on Tuesday night.

    The animated amphibian, which prompts raised eyebrows from William and Harry when it makes a belching sound during the clip, was created by Framestone, the Oscar-winning creators of The Golden Compass.

    Harrison, best-known for his roles in Indiana Jones and Star Wars, has campaigned for the environment for several years.

    He said: “What happens in the rainforest has an immediate and powerful effect on our lives. I believe it is our moral responsibility to protect the environment, to save what we can of the planet’s resources for future generations and our children.”

    James Bond star Daniel added: “I was prepared to support such an important issue.”

    Singer Joss said she “didn’t have to think twice” about featuring in the video.

    And Robin commented: “There are so many things in the rainforest that must be preserved – I believe it is an exquisite part of the world. It needs us and, much more importantly, we need it. Please help.”

    The film can be watched from 6pm by logging on to YouTube, MySpace or Alternatively viewers can text SOS and their email address to 60777.

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