1. Restoring 'Moonraker II'

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-05-06 presents a report from Jim St. Julien detailing his restoration project concerning a vehicle James Bond fans will likely be acquainted with: a Glastron Carlson boat quite similar (and, in fact, the same model) to the one seen in Moonraker‘s thrilling chase sequence between 007 (Roger Moore) and Jaws (Richard Kiel) down the Amazon River.

    Painstakingly restored this past summer from bare hull to better-than-factory-new, the ‘Moonraker II’ will be going up for sale in the near future.

    Restoring ‘Moonraker II’

    1978 CV23 Glastron/Carlson hardtop runabout (CV23HT)

    Before this labour of love restoration project began last summer after, Jim St. Julien was already an established James Bond fan having worked on location scouting and the stunt sequences in Key West, Florida for the 1989 Bond film Licence to Kill. He writes:

    I was contracted by the advance group to do the location scouting via seaplane throughout the area around Key West and the Florida Keys by Ned Kopp, the location manager. It was during this assignment that I met and flew Peter Lamont, the production designer, around the area as well.

    Both he and Mr. Kopp called me in to do the screen test for the stunt with water ski champion Dave Reinhart when James Bond is being towed behind a seaplane. We did the work right there at the former seaplane base on the north side of Key West with numerous takes using a variety of trick skis to perfect the sequence showing how the skier could swing in to the strut of the aircraft. It was a little tricky and somewhat dangerous for the skier but Dave was an extraodinary athlete and all went well thanks in great part to the stunt coordinator Paul Weston who directed the action from the right seat in the seaplane with me.

    Work on the ‘Moonraker II’—an original 1978 CV23 Glastron/Carlson hardtop runabout (CV23HT)—began this past summer after St. Julien came across the boat sitting exposed after many years at a location in Utah. The previous owner had intended to restore it, but had lost interest. St. Julien says:

    It was in “basket case” condition and after having it trucked across country I threw away everything but the hull and started over with the restoration. Information from the manufacturer and other classic boat enthusiasts was difficult to come by and very limited regarding numbers and details.

    1978 CV23 Glastron/Carlson hardtop runabout (CV23HT)

    According to St. Julien, records of early model Glastron/Carlson’s were lost in a fire years ago and the research determined that only five of these original hardtop models are known to currently exist.

    For the Amazon River chase sequence in Moonraker, Glastron made four boats that were painted in the silver metalflake over a dark gray colour scheme. Of these, only one remains today, owned by the Ian Fleming Foundation. St. Julien adds:

    I made contact with Doug Redenius of the Ian Fleming Foundation (IFF) and he was kind enough to provide some detailed photos to assist with the restoration.

    1978 CV23 Glastron/Carlson hardtop runabout (CV23HT)

    The finished project made its debut this past March at the annual Antique and Classic Boat Society Festival held in Mt. Dora, Florida.

    Following some final touches, the ‘Moonraker II’ will then be going up for sale in the near future. Specific details follow below:

    • 5.7 Vortec engine with 2 Hours Total Time for Seatrial
    • Silver Metal flake & Gray Gelcoat with clear Imron by Invision Boat Works
    • New custom interior with all starboard construction
    • New one piece fiberglass custom engineered waterproof engine hatch
    • All new stringers and floor with 3″ Seacast transom
    • New gauges, wiring, steering, etc.
    • Refurbished 2 axle trailer with: new tires, bearings, wiring and lights
    • Included with sale: Numerous memorabilia from the Moonraker film including authentic Roger Moore autographed photos, script copy, posters etc.
    1978 CV23 Glastron/Carlson hardtop runabout (CV23HT)

    For interested buyers, note that the gadgets seen in the Moonraker chase sequence (such as the torpedo and mine launchers) can be equipped for an additional price.

    Further inquires can be made by phone at 1-877-255-7520 or by visiting the official website.