1. James Bond Tours In Scotland

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-04-25

    Film journalist and author Brian Pendreigh together with Edinburgh travel company Wild Green Travel are developing several film tours in Scotland, which are set to include several sites featured throughout the James Bond series.

    Full details follow below:

    Award-winning film journalist and author Brian Pendreigh has linked up with the Edinburgh travel company Wild Green Travel to develop film tours in Scotland, which will includedseveral James Bond sites.

    The Edinburgh-based writer, a former cinema editor of The Scotsman and regular contributor to The Times and numerous other film publications, is currently finalising plans for week-long tours of Scotland, including all the big films such as Harry Potter, Braveheart and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    He is also working on full-day and half-day tours of film locations and other film sites in the Edinburgh area, which will include Sean Connery’s birthplace and Fettes College boarding school, which James Bond attended after being expelled from Eton and to which Connery delivered milk.

    Several James Bond films have used Scottish locations, including From Russia with Love, which used Argyllshire to double for the Balkans in the helicopter and boat chase scenes, and The World is Not Enough, in which the picturesque Eilean Donan Castle served as MI6’s Scottish headquarters. The original version of Casino Royale was set partly in Scotland and Octopussy filmed at the Faslane naval base.

    The Edinburgh version of the tour will be launched in June with a press facility trip arranged by VisitScotland who are bringing a group of English journalists to the city.

    Brian Pendreigh’s books include On Location: The Film Fan’s Guide to Britain and Ireland, the first book on locations aimed at the general public, and The Pocket Scottish Movie Book. He advised writer Randall Wallace on locations when he was planning Braveheart and was at the Oscars and Mel Gibson’s party when the film scooped the top awards.

    Brian Pendreigh is contactable at 0131-552-4302. Wild Green Travel at 0131 478 6505,

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