1. Ian Fleming's 'The Blofeld Trilogy' Cover Artwork Revealed

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-04-15

    Just a few days ago, first revealed that a brand new collection of James Bond novels entitled The Blofeld Trilogy was due to hit shelves this October. We now have complete details on this upcoming Ian Fleming collection, including your first look at the cover artwork.

    The Blofeld Trilogy will be published by Penguin Classics on 1 October. This 720-page trade-size paperback will retail for £14.99.

    Bringing together Fleming’s Thunderball, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and You Only Live Twice novels, the collection will also include a new introduction by journalist Nick Lezard.

    Ian Fleming's 'The Blofeld Trilogy'

    Ian Fleming’s The Blofeld Trilogy

    With a new introduction by Nick Lezard.

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld is James Bond’s arch-nemesis: a deranged criminal mastermind with ambitions to bring the world to its knees in his pursuit of power. This collection brings together three novels featuring the ultimate Bond villain. First introduced in Thunderball, Blofeld’s plan to steal atomic bombs and hold the whole world to ransom leads to a thrilling chase in the Bahamas. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service sees Blofeld developing terrifying weapons–and destroying the one thing Bond holds most dear–and in You Only Live Twice, the shattered secret agent must get his revenge in one last, deadly encounter.

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