1. Estella Warren To Be Bond Girl?

    By daniel on 2001-11-09

    The IMDb, and other press agencies, have reported that model turned actress Estella Warren is being considered for a role in the next Bond film.

    Model turned actress Estella Warren is being wooed to play a Bond girl in the next 007 film. The 22-year old stunner caught the eye of Bond producers after appearing in this summer’s Planet Of The Apes remake in a skimpy skinpiece. According to Britain’s Punch magazine, a pal of one of the producers says, “She looks great in and out of swimwear and has the most kissable lips imaginable. Estella’s got ‘Bond girl’ written all over her.”

    Denise Richards, who was the last Bond Girl in the World Is Not Enough, was 28 when she played the role of Dr Christmas Jones opposite Pierce Brosnan who was then 47. Brosnan will celebrate his 49th birthday during production of Bond 20. The question of a 27 year age difference would certainly raise eyebrows, along with sceptisim about the report.

    However, the rumour does come at a time when EON are casting roles for Bond 20.

    Be sure to leave your thoughts and feelings in the Bond 20 Forums, where Tim Roth has started this thread about the possible casting of Warren in Bond 20. See you there!

    Finally, a big thanks to Dave Ebersole for alerting us to the report!