1. Bond Girl Gemma Arterton Kisses And Tells

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-03-30

    Following internet rumours sparked from a kiss between Gemma Arterton and Jake Gyllenhaal for the upcoming Disney epic, Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time, the Bond girl set the story straight and discussed her work in Quantum of Solace with the Sydney Morning Herald.

    Gemma Arterton is Agent Strawberry Fields in 'Quantum of Solace'

    Gemma Arterton is Agent Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace

    ‘I didn’t tongue Jake Gyllenhaal,’ laughs the 23-year-old British actress. ‘That was a misquote and a half. Somebody asked me if I used my tongue and I said, ‘Well, I gave him a kiss and perhaps my tongue slipped’ and I thought, “Oh God no, what have I done?”‘

    ‘And then they said that I tongued him, which I didn’t. Which he’s probably very upset about and Reese Witherspoon is also probably a bit upset as well. You know, you snogged my boyfriend. No I didn’t, it was an accident.’

    Arterton continues, giggling: ‘Yeah, I think I did the same with Daniel [Craig]. I get so carried away and he is an incredible kisser.’

    Even with relatively limited screen time, Arterton’s Agent Strawberry Fields was generally viewed as a highlight in the 22nd James Bond film.

    ‘I never, ever, ever thought I’d be considered for Bond,’ she stated. ‘And when I got it, it was so out of this world that I decided I wasn’t going to put any pressure on myself and I wasn’t going to try and live up to anybody’s expectations and I was just going to enjoy it. And I did.’

    ‘I just did it,’ says Arterton of her love scene, which took place on her first day of shooting on Quantum. ‘Then Daniel started kissing up my back and … I went, “Oh my God, this is crazy.” But I never think about things too much, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad.’

    ‘I just keep taking it as it comes but it was a bit weird when my mum called. She said, “What are you doing?” I said, “I’m kissing Daniel Craig.” It was very out of this world.’

    Her next role will be in Louis Leterrier’s upcoming remake of Clash of The Titans opposite Sam Worthington, who was one of the contenders for the role of 007 before it ultimately went to Craig.

    ‘I hope he’s nice because we have to fall in love,’ laughs Arterton. The film has a March 2010 release date.

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