1. Spy Report: New Bond 20 Vehicle Comes To Light

    By daniel on 2001-11-08

    The news that Bond will drive an Aston Martin in Bond 20 is by now old. However, new information has come to light about another vehicle that will feature in Bond 20 that we may just get to see Bond control.

    As like our last report on the Ice Caves this report contains spoilers, again about a possible action scene in Bond 20. So, for those of you who don't wish to spoil possibly integral parts of Bond 20 I advise you don't read on. For that reason those who wish to read the following information must highlight it first.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read):

    We can now reveal that information has been uncovered at Pinewood that suggests a Hovercraft, though most likely more than one, will feature in Bond 20.

    Furthermore, there have been reports that footage of Hovercrafts racing has been shot for production purposes. This footage will be used by crew and action choreographers to learn and replicate exactly how a hovercraft behaves on certain terrains. While there is no direct word on what terrain the footage depicts it is believed that it would be irrelevant to production anyway.

    I also asked Vanquish if the hovercraft was similar to this one. Vanquish told me that larger crafts that are under consideration.

    On a speculative note, it seems that if used a hovercraft would be especially designed for Bond 20, much like the Q-Boat was especially designed for The World Is Not Enough

    So there you have it. Exciting news there! A big thank you to 'Vanquish' for that bit of info.

    CommanderBond.Net Staff Member Rory Couper, an obviously talented fellow, has made a piece of conceptual artwork for Bond 20, the first of it's kind! It's his interpretation of what the sited vehicle could look like should it come from Q-Branch. As the image is a spoiler we've had to hide it, but simply click on it to view the 'clean' image.

    You can find the discussion for this in the Bond 20 Forums in this thread. Don't forget to drop in and leave us your speculation on what the role of the vehicle will be! Will it be a vehicle from Q-Branch? If so what gadgets could it have? The possibilities are endless. Be sure to share your thoughts! And be sure to drop Rory a line and tell him what you think of his artwork!