1. Win Charlie Higson's 'Double Or Die' Paperback

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-03-22
    'Double or Die' is giving away a free copy of the just-released US paperback edition of Charlie Higson’s third Young James Bond adventure, Double or Die.

    Originally published in 2007, Double or Die finds our hero pitted against the dangerous criminal underworld of interwar London, a world of illegal gambling dens, Cambridge spies and East End gangs.

    This competition is open to all members of (CBn). You must be a registered member of the CBn Forums and answer the following question correctly to be eligible to win. Not yet a member of CBn? Register here now–it is free and only takes a minute!

    How To Enter:

    To enter, fill out the following questionnaire and send a Communiqué/Private Message on the CBn Forums to ‘CBn Competition’ (Subject: CBn Mar09 Higson) by Midnight EST on 24 April 2009 (simply click on the link in this paragraph).

    1. All of the following were working/rejected titles for Charlie Higson’s Double or Die, with the exception of:

    1. Shoot the Moon
    2. The Big Smoke
    3. Six Days in December
    4. Double M

    2. What is your CBn Forum Screen Name?
    3. What country/state do you live in?