1. Spy Report: More Set Construction At Pinewood

    By daniel on 2001-11-07

    Source Vanquish has checked in today to inform me about construction of sets at Pinewood. It seems that Stages A, B and C along with the 007 Stage are all being used for set construction for Bond 20 at the moment.

    The big news is that a set entitled Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read): ‘Torture Chamber’ is being constucted on Stage C. The construction of this set will fill the entire stage, which is 8,910 sq ft.

    Moving on. Last week we revealed the construction of M's Office had begun. Vanquish has now told me that the set has been labelled "M's Office" and it's about half complete.

    That's all for now. But check back soon for some more great inside reports. Thanks to Vanquish for the information! You can discuss it all in the Bond 20 Forums in this thread which was recently started. Be sure to drop in and leave us your speculation about the new set and what it's for!

    Vanquish has just sent me a new detail. Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read): Part of the ‘Torture Chamber’ has been further labelled as ‘Bond Cell’ indicating that it is indeed Bond who may be ‘tortured Great new development there. Stay tuned for more as we'll have some more news today!