1. 007 Marathon Featuring Sean Connery On TCM In May

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-02-24
    'From Russia with Love'

    From Russia with Love

    Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is dedicating the month of May to Sir Sean Connery and will be airing all of his official James Bond adventures plus several of his non-Bond films on Friday and Saturday.

    This 007 marathon will be presented in widescreen format and will be commercial free. The full schedule follows below:

    Friday, 1 May:

    • 8:00pm: Dr. No
    • 10:00pm: From Russia with Love
    • 12:00am: On the Fiddle

    Saturday, 2 May:

    • 2:00pm: Dr. No
    • 4:00pm: From Russia with Love

    Friday, 8 May:

    • 8:00pm: Goldfinger
    • 10:00pm: Thunderball
    • 12:15am: Woman of Straw

    Saturday, 9 May:

    • 2:00pm: Goldfinger
    • 4:00pm: Thunderball

    Friday, 15 May:

    • 8:00pm: You Only Live Twice
    • 10:00pm: Diamonds are Forever
    • 12:15am: The Anderson Tapes

    Saturday, 16 May:

    • 2:00pm: You Only Live Twice
    • 4:00pm: Diamonds are Forever

    Friday, 22 May:

    • 8:00pm: Marnie
    • 10:15pm: The Hill
    • 12:30am: The Russia House

    Friday, 29 May:

    • 8:00pm: The Wind and the Lion
    • 10:15pm: The Great Train Robbery
    • 12:15am: Robin and Marion

    As always, keep watching for all the latest on James Bond-related events happening around the world.