1. Diamonds Are Forever on TV Next Sunday

    By daniel on 2001-11-06

    Bond is back on TV in Australia as [dark] let's us know!

    Australian Bond fans will get another dose of 007 next Sunday November 11th, with Network Seven airing Diamonds Are Forever at 10:30pm.

    It aired less than a year ago here, but I’m pretty sure Network Seven have the rights to only Diamonds Are Forever, Live And Let Die, GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies. All the others (with the exception of Octopussy and The World Is Not Enough (the latter won’t screen on Australian TV until late next year at the earliest)) have been shown on Network Ten within the last year and a bit. So Seven haven’t got much to show considering we’ve seen all their films within the last year as well.

    Anyways, just thought I’d let you know!


    Interesting to see Bond move from Saturday night to Sunday night, also to a later time slot. Thanks to [dark] for the tip off!