1. Sir Roger Moore Pays Tribute To Pinewood Studios

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-02-15

    Sir Roger Moore recently paid tribute to Pinewood Studios–home of the James Bond film series–in a recent edition of The Times.

    Reprinted in its entirety at the official Roger Moore website, the former 007 star recounts both the high points of his history with the studio:

    Roger Moore is James Bond

    Roger Moore is James Bond

    My next visit, in 1973, was as Jimmy Bond. Cubby had any number of offers to take the series overseas, but no, he said, “Pinewood is my home”. It wasn’t just sentimentality, it was good business sense as the crews always delivered the very best and Cubby loved the environment.

    I could always rely on the Pinewood crews to make me look good on screen. Their support was particularly in evidence during any love scenes I filmed. They’d be up in the gantries shouting: “Go on Rog, give ‘er one!”

    …as well as the low points:

    In July 2006, during my Sunday lunch, I received a call: “Pinewood is on fire.” My heart sank. I then heard that it was the 007 Stage. Within hours it had gone. Cubby was not around any longer, but the studio announced that it would be rebuilt as soon as possible, and it would remain the Albert R. Broccoli 007 Stage.

    Along with the good fortune and success, I’ve also seen Pinewood at its lowest ebb. When we went in to shoot Octopussy there was nothing, and I mean nothing, else in the studio. The whole industry was in the doldrums. Word had it that had we not returned to Pinewood it would have closed down.

    Click here for Sir Roger’s–now Pinewood’s second oldest resident–full account of working at the studio throughout his career.

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