1. Spy Report: M's Office Currently Under Construction

    By daniel on 2001-10-30

    Our ever faithful insider 'Vanquish' has just checked in with the quick bit of news about the construction of sets at Pinewood.

    Aside from the construction of a set on the 007 Stage, construction has also begun on some of the smaller stages. While two other non-descript sets are being constructed (they've been described to me as just wood struts at the moment) the construction of M's Office has begun.

    The sets are being constructed on Stage B, at 827 sq m Medium Sized stage.

    Some great news there. I should add that the two other sets have been described as non-descript to me because they are currently unrecognisable as anything, as too is M's Office, however, it's known to be M's Office around Pinewood. Look out for future updates from us soon! Until then discuss anything related to Bond 20 in the Internet's best Bond 20 discussion arena, the Bond 20 Forums.