1. Spy Report: Tightened Security Surrounds Bond 20 Script

    By daniel on 2001-10-30

    Bond 20 @ CB.N has received some interesting information about the heightened security surrounding the Bond 20 script. One of our regular contributors (who wishes to remain anonymous) recently spoke with a source close to the production who read the script. While this person revealed NO plot details, they did mentioned some details surrounding the unprecedented security Eon is taking to ensure the script does not leak out.

    To begin with, the script arrived with the strict instructions that this person was the only one allowed to read the script – no one else in his office could. The script was printed on “un-xeroxable” paper, meaning that it would be impossible to photocopy the script. And finally, the script had to be returned immediately after the person had finished reading it.

    All of these seem like security measures taken by George Lucas over Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones. It has also been described to me as measures never before taken by EON Productions over a Bond Script.

    So are we expecting something big from Bond 20, or are EON just stepping up security because in the past the scripts have leaked out quite early? Only time will tell. Until then discuss the heightened security measures and anything else related to Bond 20 in the Internet’s best Bond 20 discussion arena, the Bond 20 Forums.