1. Two Recent Bond Girl Rumours Have Connections

    By daniel on 2001-10-29

    Just a quick bit of news about the most recent report that Nia Long and Melinda Clarke are up for small roles in Bond 20. 'Clopin' aka Markus from BKD Online has posted this in the Bond 20 Forums:

    Mindy (Melinda) Clarke has previously worked with Lee Tamahori on Mulholland Falls as (déjà-vu) “the Cigarette Girl”… Nia Long did Stigmata for MGM. That might be the connections. Unfortunately Garth Franklin at DH didn’t mention his source.

    For those of you who don't realise, Garth Franklin is from Dark Horizons who originally reported the news.

    The connections both girls hold to either MGM and Tamahori are very interesting – especially considering that Tamahori will be currently overseeing casting with Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. For the discussion head to this thread!

    We'll have more as we get it!