1. Landmark Theatre Lines Up Three James Bond Screenings On 30-31 January

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-01-14

    New Jersey’s Landmark Theatre has lined up three of Roger Moore’s James Bond films for the big screen later this month.

    007 fans can catch The Man with the Golden Gun, For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy on Friday the 30th and Saturday the 31st of this month.

    • Friday, 30 January:
    • 8:00pm: The Man with the Golden Gun
    • Saturday, 31 January:
    • 3:30pm: For Your Eyes Only
    • 7:30pm: Octopussy
    'The Man with the Golden Gun'

    The Man with the Golden Gun

    When MOORE Bond Was Good Bond

    Few fictional characters have earned such a lasting role in popular culture as the super secret agent James Bond, who first appeared in the novels and short stories of Ian Fleming but took on a life of his own on screen when first played in 1962 by Sean Connery.

    The recent hubbub over Daniel Craig’s “new” – and blond-haired – Bond is testament to the character’s enduring appeal. But the first and most intense controversy over the Bond series came when Connery grew tired of the role and was replaced by Roger Moore, who had become famous as television’s The Saint. The super spy himself never faced a greater challenge than Moore did in taking over a character that was so closely associated with another actor.

    Connery’s die-hard fans still complain that Moore wasn’t as good. But the fact is that Moore made seven Bond films to Connery’s six (not counting the “unofficial” Never Say Never Again). And Moore stayed in the role for 13 years to Connery’s nine, all the while maintaining the franchise’s popularity.

    Ticket pricing is as follows: General Admission ($6.00) / Seniors & Children 12 and younger ($4.00). Special Double Feature Pricing: General Admission ($8.00) / Seniors & Children 12 and younger ($6.00).

    The Landmark Theatre is located at 54 Journal Square, Jersey City, New Jersey 07306.

    For further information or to purchase tickets, phone 201-798-6055 or visit the official website.

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