1. 'Quantum of Solace' Game Walkthrough – Science Center Exterior (7)

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-01-09

    Stuck on a level? Not sure where to go next? Use this walkthough as your guide to Activision’s debut James Bond 007 game, Quantum of Solace.

    This Quantum of Solace: The Game walkthrough is applicable for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and Windows PC platforms.

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    Quantum of Solace: The Game: Walkthrough

    1 – White’s Estate
    2 – Siena
    3 – Opera House
    4 – Sinkhole
    5 – Shanty Town
    6 – Construction Site
    7 – Science Center Exterior
    8 – Science Center Interior
    9 – Miami Airport
    10 – Montenegro Train
    11 – Casino Royale
    12 – Casino Poison
    13 – Barge
    14 – Venice
    15 – Eco Hotel

    Quantum of Solace: The Game

    Mission 7: Science Center Exterior

    'Quantum of Solace' Game Box Art

    Quantum of Solace

    Your first course of business is to take care of the sniper guards protecting the Science Center. Your map should quickly point out the first set of three on the ground level, so move into position. Every shot you take is critical here, because even one miss is sure to alert the other guards and make your job all that much more difficult. Use the command to hold your breath and don’t fire until there is a calmer moment during the rain storm.

    After these three are taken care of, ascend the nearby ladder and use the billboard for cover as you take out the three rooftop snipers (they are each located the lights). With these three out of the way, head to the alley on the street level and proceed forward. You should be able to take out the first guard by the dumpster with little trouble as his back is turned to you (but watch out for the patrolling one). Then patch into the cameras on the right side (the box with the flashing light). One final guard awaits towards the end of the alley, so quickly take care of him before he gets a chance to fire and alert others to your position.

    Proceed to the building door by the truck and take part in the unlocking procedure which has you press the correct buttons on the directional pad (similar to what was required to unlock the gate in Mission 1: White’s Estate). Once you’re inside, head out the door to your left and take out the two guards patrolling in this area.

    Move forward until you see an additional two guards up ahead in the parking lot. Don’t rush forward as an enemy ambush is prepared for you. Instead, take cover where you are by the crates and take out at least one of the guards to trigger the ambush. Enemy attackers will approach from a variety of directions, including the very back of the parking lot as well as the truck by the loading bay. Be sure to keep your distance while attacking in order to prevent them from flanking you. There’s a chance you may run low on ammunition, so grab one of their M14s if necessary.

    Once this massive attack is over, ascend the fire escape ladder by the right side of the truck and jump across to the fire escape (note that there is a D.A.D. System in the room by the foot of the stairs) and start climbing the building. Be careful not to rush past the guard that emerges from the door to your right once you reach the second level. Once you reach the ledge at the top level of the ladder, carefully move across so as not to be caught in the enemy’s spotlight. When it is safe, climb the drainpipe at the end of the ledge to reach the rooftop.

    The rooftop marks another major battlepoint for this mission, so be prepared for enemies from both directions immediately upon arriving. Winning the battle is a simple case of taking cover and firing back, but not remaining in one position for too long as these guards have grenades.

    Once all of these guards are taken care off, a helicopter battle sequence begins. Two guards are dropped off the first time it flies by to ambush you, so take them out as quickly as possible. Around the next bend of the rooftop are more enemies that have taken cover and are prepared for you–so grab cover and return the fire.

    Continuously fire at the helicopter with the D.A.D. System, MI4 or your SAF 9mm. Watch out for guards that are dropped off when the helicopter flies directly above you. Continue your attack against it until the ending kicks in. Mission Complete.

    Quantum of Solace is currently available on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS and Windows PC platforms in the UK and US. Click here to order.

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