1. 'Quantum of Solace' Game Walkthrough – Shanty Town (5)

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-01-05

    Stuck on a level? Not sure where to go next? Use this walkthough as your guide to Activision’s debut James Bond 007 game, Quantum of Solace.

    This Quantum of Solace: The Game walkthrough is applicable for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and Windows PC platforms.

    NOTE: For a complete rundown of the cell phone locations throughout the game, click here: Part I | Part II.

    Quantum of Solace: The Game: Walkthrough

    1 – White’s Estate
    2 – Siena
    3 – Opera House
    4 – Sinkhole
    5 – Shanty Town
    6 – Construction Site
    7 – Science Center Exterior
    8 – Science Center Interior
    9 – Miami Airport
    10 – Montenegro Train
    11 – Casino Royale
    12 – Casino Poison
    13 – Barge
    14 – Venice
    15 – Eco Hotel

    Quantum of Solace: The Game

    Mission 5: Shanty Town

    'Quantum of Solace' Game Box Art

    Quantum of Solace

    As the mission begins, immediately begin chasing after the bomber by following him to the small shack past the snake/mongoose fight and take out the approaching enemies. Work your way to the beach area and take cover in the caf´ while you take out the enemies positioned on the beach area.

    Head left down the beach towards the dock, but be wary of the parked pick-up truck with a machine gunner firing at you. Fire at the suspended explosive tank above the truck to take out this enemy. As you proceed forward, watch out for two additional enemies that rush out of a nearby building to your left. There’s another explosive tank positioned by that door, so as soon as they run out, fire away. Once they’re taken care of, head inside and exit via the screen door towards the right.

    Ascend the ladder to your left and move along the main pathway until you reach another building. Inside is a yellow crate that holds a powerful 8-CAT. After you equip it, head up the nearby ladder.

    At this point, the three-stage firefight commences. While taking care not to fire at Carter, protect your position by taking cover and firing at the approaching guards from the middle and left. There are several well-placed explosive barrels to fire at in order to assist you in taking out the enemies on the ground floor. The second stage of this fight begins when enemies start approaching you by leaping along the nearby buildings to your right. Head over there, while taking cover, and quickly take them out before they reach your position and begin firing at you point blank.

    Eventually a pick-up truck with a machine gunner will approach. Take cover as he fires away and he’ll soon drive off, leaving you unharmed. A few more enemies will appear on the scene, so take them out and take cover when the truck returns again.

    Ahead of you, you’ll notice that the building ahead now has a large explosive tank in your firing range. Shoot at it to detonate an explosion which simultaneously takes out the remaining enemies as well as that truck with the machine gunner. Move down to the lower floor and exit out of the new hole in the wall caused by the explosion. Carter waves you on after the bomber, so start following him to the construction site. Mission Complete.

    Quantum of Solace is currently available on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS and Windows PC platforms in the UK and US. Click here to order.

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