1. 'Thunderball' Actor Earl Cameron Receives CBE

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-01-02

    The Birmingham Post reports that actor Earl Cameron has been honoured with a CBE (“Commander of the British Empire”) for his services to drama following a seven decade-long career in films, television and theatre.

    James Bond fans will best remember the now 91-year-old actor for his role as Pinder in 1965’s Thunderball, one of the associates who assists Sean Connery’s 007 upon his arrival in the Bahamas.

    Cameron’s first big break was starring in the 1951 crime drama Pool of London, a film about a diamond robbery (and also written by Thunderball‘s Jack Whittingham).

    The role, in which Cameron became the first black British actor to star in a feature film, sparked the beginning of his career that continues today in recent films such as 2005’s The Interpreter and 2006’s The Queen.

    His notable TV work includes appearances on Doctor Who, Dangerman and The Prisoner.

    Speaking about the honour, Cameron said: ‘I played an artist who painted Helen Mirren’s portrait in The Queen, so I have already had a trial run. It never occurred to me I would come up for any kind of award like this.’

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