1. Titan's 'James Bond: Omnibus' Volume 1 Set For September '09

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-12-26

    The James Bond releases from Titan Books keep on coming.

    In addition to their newest collection of 007 comic strips, The Girl Machine, scheduled to hit shelves in June 2009, next year will also see volume one of a collection simply titled James Bond: Omnibus.

    While there is currently no descriptive blurb for this collection available and the stories are yet to be announced, the credits to writers Henry Gammidge and Jim Lawrence (and naturally, Ian Fleming) and artists John McLusky and Yaroslav Horak indicate many different Bond adventures are included.

    This James Bond: Omnibus has a US release date of 8 September 2009 and will retail for $19.95. A UK release is yet to be announced.

    There is still no further word on the postponed Nightbird collection. Containing Hot-Shot and Ape of Diamonds in addition to the title story, the collection was indefinitely postponed from its original 2007 release and has yet to be reannounced. will keep you updated as more information on these James Bond comic strip collections becomes available.

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