1. 'Quantum of Solace': Cell Phone Locations (2)

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-12-21
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    Quantum of Solace has compiled together a listing of all the cell phone locations that provide critical mission information in Activision’s debut James Bond game, Quantum of Solace.

    Each of the 15 single-player mission levels has between one and six hidden cell phones (with the exception of Construction Site and Casino Poison).

    In part I of this CBn guide, we provided the details for the first eight missions (White’s Estate through Science Center Interior).

    Part II covers the remaining seven missions.

    Single-Player Missions

    White’s Estate …… 5
    Siena …… 4
    Opera House …… 3
    Sink Hole …… 1
    Shanty Town …… 3
    Construction Site …… 0
    Science Center Exterior …… 5
    Science Center Interior …… 6
    Miami Airport …… 5
    Montenegro Train …… 5
    Casino Royale …… 3
    Casino Poison …… 0
    Barge …… 6
    Venice …… 4
    Eco Hotel …… 5

    Single-Player Missions
    Cell Phone Locations (Part II)

    Mission Nine – Miami Airport

    1. The first cell phone sits on a desk in the room opposite of the one the mission begins in.
    2. After uploading to the second terminal and before entering the last server room, search the office next to it for the second cell phone.
    3. After dealing with the guards in the server room, go through the opening into the garage. The third is to the right of the entrance.
    4. In the luggage area, the fourth cell phone lies on the ground in the left corner.
    5. After ascending the ladder in the other baggage area, climb the staircase on the right to reach an office and collect the fifth cell phone.

    Mission Ten – Montenegro Train

    1. Before heading down the hallway at the beginning of the mission, head into the compartment to your right for the first cell phone.
    2. After taking the ladder down from the roof to access the traincar, search the counter to your right for the second cell phone.
    3. While moving through the train cars, look towards the crates to the right of the first ladder you approach for the third cell phone.
    4. The fourth cell phone sits on a crate in the second car of the passenger train.
    5. After you drop back down in the train by ladder, search by the luggage for the fifth and final cell phone.

    Mission Eleven – Casino Royale

    1. At the very beginning of the mission, enter the room to your right and search by the large TV screen for the first cell phone.
    2. The second cell phone is in the left bedroom upon entering the apartment.
    3. Entering the second apartment after the fight sequence, continue along until you reach the second room on the right. The third cell phone is by some crates.

    Mission Twelve – Casino Poison

    • NONE

    Mission Thirteen – Barge

    1. Head in the building to your right immediately upon beginning the mission. The cell phone is on the table.
    2. After dealing with the guard holding Vesper Lynd hostage, head down the stairs and search the far table to your right for a cell phone before leaving.
    3. Moving towards the left while outside, look for the third cell phone on top of a large crate at the end.
    4. After you board the barge head to the opposite side. The fourth cell phone is inside a large container.
    5. Moving along the right side of the barge, head inside the second room on the right for the fifth cell phone.
    6. After dealing with the guards on the top level of the guards, climb down the ladder and search inside the room for the final cell phone.

    Mission Fourteen – Venice

    1. Proceed up the alleyways and look on the nearby bench for the first cell phone.
    2. After dealing with the enemies in the Venice square proceed through the gates. Proceed left to the small alleyway where the second cell phone lies on the ground.
    3. As you cross the small walkway while tracking Vesper, climb the ladder and search on a nearby chair for the third cell phone.
    4. After dealing with the set of enemies, move to the walkway by the stairs. The fourth and final cell phone lies in a flower planter.

    Mission Fifteen – Eco Hotel

    1. Search in front of the wrecked car at the beginning of the mission for the first cell phone.
    2. As you first enter the parking garage, head to the room on the left for the second cell phone.
    3. The third cell phone sits in another room towards the right corner of the parking garage.
    4. As you exit the second garage and move to the next floor, check the kitchen to your right for the fourth cell phone.
    5. As you move through the exploding kitchen, check the pantry in the far right corner for the fifth and final cell phone of the mission.

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