1. Ian Fleming Features On New BBC Audiobook

    By Matt Weston on 2008-12-20

    James Bond author Ian Fleming’s words appear on the newly-released BBC CD set The Spoken Word: British Writers.

    The three disc set contains recordings, mostly gleaned from BBC broadcasts, of contemporary writers from the 1930s to the present day. Many of the recordings have never been published before. The compilation is accompanied by a second set: The Spoken Word: American Writers.

    Fleming features alongside other famous British writers, including P.G. Wodehouse, Virginia Woolf, Harold Pinter and Fleming’s Jamaican neighbour, Noel Coward.

    The full synopsis follows.

    This three CD compilation forms part of the British Library’s series of documentary recordings by English-Language authors and playwrights. Around 30 writers will be represented, talking about their lives and work. The recordings derive primarily from BBC broadcasts, the earliest of them dating from the 1930s, and include historic recordings of the first generation of writers whose voices survive through to senior figures of the present day. Among the writers included will be Rudyard Kipling, Virginia Woolf, Ian Fleming and Harold Pinter. The majority of the recordings have not been published before. A three CD compilation devoted to American writers, containing never-released audio footage is in production and will accompany this set.

    The set can be ordered now from

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