1. 'Quantum of Solace': Cell Phone Locations (1)

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-12-20
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    Quantum of Solace has compiled together a listing of all the cell phone locations that provide critical mission information in Activision’s debut James Bond game, Quantum of Solace.

    Each of the 15 single-player mission levels has between one and six hidden cell phones (with the exception of Construction Site and Casino Poison).

    In part one of this CBn guide, we provide the details for the first eight missions (White’s Estate through Science Center Interior).

    Part two, covering the remaining seven missions (Miami Airport through Eco Hotel) will follow soon [Click Here For Part II].

    Single-Player Missions

    White’s Estate …… 5
    Siena …… 4
    Opera House …… 3
    Sink Hole …… 1
    Shanty Town …… 3
    Construction Site …… 0
    Science Center Exterior …… 5
    Science Center Interior …… 6
    Miami Airport …… 5
    Montenegro Train …… 5
    Casino Royale …… 3
    Casino Poison …… 0
    Barge …… 6
    Venice …… 4
    Eco Hotel …… 5

    Single-Player Missions
    Cell Phone Locations (Part I)

    Mission One – White’s Estate

    1. After leaving the greenhouse, a cell phone is sitting on the stone wall up ahead.
    2. A cell phone is sitting on the patio table located by the chairs just outside the house.
    3. A cell phone is on the floor near the cellar steps.
    4. After climbing the stairs out of the wine cellar, a cell phone sits on the table in the very next room.
    5. After exiting the kitchen and dining room, the final cell phone sits atop a chest in the following room.

    Mission Two – Siena

    1. A cell phone sits on the silver tables inside the café at the beginning of the mission.
    2. A cell phone sits next to the bedroom lamp on the third floor of the apartment you enter.
    3. After making your way to a lower rooftop, a cell phone sits in the corner of the corresponding apartment room.
    4. Jump across to the next building and start ascending the stairs in the room (a cell phone lies by the whole in the floor).

    Mission Three – Opera House

    1. After passing by the camera you disable, a cell phone sits on the ladder located down the left bend of the area.
    2. A cell phone sits on the caution-labeled ascending staircase you take while at the lower storage area.
    3. After dealing with the snipers, the final cell phone is located to the right after you cross the high beam.

    Mission Four – Sink Hole

    1. After the helicopter encounter, the one and only cell phone of this mission is located on the right side of rock pathway in the cavern.

    Mission Five – Shanty Town

    1. The first cell phone sits on the table in the café where you first encounter enemies in the mission.
    2. After crossing the beach, a cell phone sits on table to your right in the building ahead.
    3. After exiting the previous building, climb the ladder ahead to obtain the final cell phone.

    Mission Six – Construction Site

    • NONE

    Mission Seven – Science Center Exterior

    1. At the very beginning of the mission, search the ground behind you for the first cell phone.
    2. A cell phone is inside the open truck in the alley.
    3. In the very next building, a cell phone is located to the left of the entryway.
    4. After dealing with the approaching enemies in the parking lot, search inside one of the unmarked white trucks for the fourth cell phone.
    5. The final cell phone is lying on the rooftop towards the side with the piping.

    Mission Eight – Science Center Interior

    1. After eliminating the first enemy in the hallway, search to the left for the first cell phone.
    2. After dealing with the two guards (and any others that may approach) in the area with the locked doors, search by the crates for the second cell phone.
    3. After eliminating the patrolling guard in the office rooms, search on the desktop for the third cell phone.
    4. The fourth cell phone sits on a desk in an office just before you reach the security center.
    5. After exiting the exploding elevator, search for the fifth cell phone on the box towards the right.
    6. After descending the stairs (and dealing with the nearby enemies), search to the left for the sixth and final cell phone.

    Quantum of Solace is currently available on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS and Windows PC platforms in the UK and US. Click here to order.

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