1. 'Bond Watches, James Bond Watches' Exhibit Planned For 2010

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-12-19

    Dell Deaton at alerts us that a one-of-a-kind exhibit of timepieces featured in the James Bond films is planned to run at the National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania beginning June 2010.

    To run through May 2011, the ‘Bond Watches, James Bond Watches’ exhibit will ‘highlight the timepieces worn by James Bond throughout his literary and motion picture career’ dating back to the 1950s and through the present.

    The National Watch and Clock Museum was officially opened to the public in 1977 with fewer than 1,000 items. Since that time, the collection has increased to over 12,000 items and the museum has undergone several expansion projects. The latest expansion opened in October 1999 and featured an entirely new and redesigned exhibit space, as well as a new two-story addition. Today, the museum is recognized as the largest and most comprehensive horological collection in North America.

    The Museum collection is international in scope and covers a wide variety of clocks, watches, tools, and other time-related items. The main focus of the collection is on nineteenth-century American clocks and watches. However, additional collections include early English Tallcase clocks, Asian timepieces from Japan and China, and timekeeping devices from Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Russia. Chronologically, the exhibits take you on a tour through the entire history of timekeeping technology from early non-mechanical devices to today’s atomic and radio controlled clocks.

    For further details on this ‘Bond Watches, James Bond Watches’ exhibit and/or the National Watch and Clock Museum, visit and

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