1. Arnold Vosloo About Bond 20 Villain Role

    By daniel on 2001-10-20

    Arnold Vosloo is unsure about his role in Bond 20, and he's said it himself.

    “And, now I’m waiting to hear there was talk of me maybe doing the next bad guy in the next James Bond movie, but I don’t know what’s happening with that. Because once again, you know, Bond of course fights terrorists so I don’t know if they gonna even be making this movie for a few years. So we’ll see, we shall see.” Arnold Vosloo on

    While I don't doubt he's unsure about having a role in the next Bond film, I very much doubt he's right on his assumption that the film will be delayed. Despite the tragic events in America it will be well over a year since they occured when Bond 20 is released. And if MGM or EON Productions are still weary of Bond vs. Terrorists they would no doubt would alter the script in someway. Afterall, 2002 is going to be the 40 anniversary of the cinematic Bond, an event not to be missed!

    I have to thank Markus from, the German James Bond Fan Club, for posting this news in the Bond 20 Forums. His post, speculation and other peoples discussion are currently in this thread. See you there!