1. Bonding With Sir Roger Moore In Entertainment Weekly

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-12-09

    Former 007 star Sir Roger Moore is interviewed in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine.

    The article, ‘Roger Moore: And the Bond Plays On’, which is also available online at the official website examines the double-0 legacy of the actor who portrayed the spy more times than anyone else in the official series.

    Topics include the his debut as James Bond, the Octopussy/Never Say Never Again battle for the box office, his My Word is My Bond memoirs and more.

    ‘To be associated with success is absolutely wonderful,’ says Moore. ‘If my first one, Live and Let Die, had not been a hit, people might have said, “Oh, he was the poor fellow who only made one,” which is unfortunately what they say about George.’

    Bond fans can pick up the 12 December issue (#1025) containing the Sir Roger Moore interview today. will keep you updated as more details on this biopic becomes available. As always, keep your eyes on the main page for all the latest 007 news.