1. Kevin McClory's 'Warhead' Script Sells For Nearly 50,000 Pounds At Auction

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-12-04

    A 1976 script for Warhead–a James Bond film that never was–sold for an astonishing £46,850 ($68,000) at Christie’s Pop Culture: Entertainment Memorabilia auction, making it the highest-selling lot featured.

    The Telegraph reports that this coveted 007 collector’s item far exceeded initial expectations of &pound2,000 – £3,000.

    Credited to Kevin McClory, Sean Connery and Len Deighton, this script includes production details and a cast list featuring James Bond, Ernst Stavros Blofeld, Felix Leiter, Moneypenny, M, Q and Bond girls Justine Lovesit and Fatima Blush (the latter of these two ultimately appearing in 1983’s Never Say Never Again).

    A photograph of the three authors of the screenplay, taken at McClory’s home in Ireland during their collaboration on the project is also included.

    Furthermore, McClory’s shooting script for Never Say Never Again, featuring storyboards, was also included in the lot. [Click here for complete details on the lot].

    Katherine Williams, popular culture specialist at Christie’s, said: ‘The Pop Culture: Entertainment Memorabilia sale witnessed a busy saleroom, with numerous international bidders on the telephone and on Christie’s LIVE.’

    ‘We are delighted with the robust prices achieved for pieces associated with screen icons, including the the script of an unmade James Bond film which sold for £46,850, and Marilyn Monroe’s glamourous fur stole which reached £42,050 and jacket which fetched £39,650. The beautiful collection of rare vintage photographs of Marlene Dietrich totalled £27,361.’

    ‘Numerous lots far exceeded pre-sale expectations, demonstrating the continued appeal and durability of the pop culture market.’

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