1. The James Bond Theme That Never Was

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-12-04

    Despite new names being mentioned left and right throughout much of the Quantum of Solace production, Amy Winehouse seemed to be by far the number one contender for the title theme.

    Working along with producer Mark Ronson, Winehouse came up with a demo track that was planned to be submitted to the producers. Work on the track then came to a halt in May after several recent reports of some erratic behavior by Winehouse. Ronson stated at the time: ‘I’m not sure [Amy’s] ready to work on music yet.’

    The James Bond theme ultimately went to Jack White and Alicia Keys, who came up with ‘Another Way To Die’.

    Speaking with The West Australian, Ronson said he was more worried than annoyed by Winehouse’s odd behaviour that contributed to the sidelining of their 007 theme that never was.

    ‘That’s somebody I care about,’ he said. ‘I was more worried about her as a person than I was whether we got the Bond theme done or not.’

    ‘But, yeah, definitely when somebody offers you a Bond theme, it’s a once in a lifetime situation. [I was] sitting back a bit bummed watching the Jack White video on MTV.’

    In August, Winehouse briefly made mention of her plans to release the unused Bond theme, but this has so far yet to occur.

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