1. Kournikova Denied, Casting Is Going On

    By daniel on 2001-10-16

    The BBC has spoken with EON Productions and confirmed that tennis star Anna Kournikova will not have a role in Bond 20. Heck, we didn't even bother reporting the news because we knew it wasn't true.

    A spokeswoman for Eon Productions told BBC News Online that the story was absolutely untrue.

    The spokeswoman added: “We do not now where this story has come from but it is not true.

    “The film is in pre-production and we are casting but Anna Kournikova has not been in any talks with us.”

    In the meantime Dark Horizons has made this brief statement

    The script is currently being re-written in the wake of September 11th.

    I'm not fully sure where Dark Horizons has got that news from as they give no source. It could be mere speculation.

    You can discuss all of this in the Bond 20 Forums as per usual, including this thread which Tim007 had started about Kournikova several days ago.