1. Irish Beauty Jean Butler Up For Bond Girl Role

    By daniel on 2001-10-16

    Showbiz Ireland has reported that red-headed beauty Jean Butler "is flying to London this week to talk to the Bond 20 producers about a role in the movie."

    Jean, a friend of Pierce Brosnan and his new wife Keely Shay Smith, hinted that her relationship with the star of the movie may give her the advantage over others after the role.

    The ex Riverdance star said to Irish press: “The producers want to talk to me immediately, so I’m flying to London this week. I’m actually an old friend of Pierce’s. I did a number of variety shows with him.”

    I have an interesting suggestion about Butler. You'll recall the Variety news that Darcey Bussel is still a part of Bond 20, despite her denying it as an April Fools back in April. Well both Bussel and Butler hold one thing in common; they are both dancers. While they dance different styles it is an undenyable connection. It seems the speculation can only now begin. Will the Bond girl in Bond 20 be a dancer? Or is this mere conincidence?

    A big thank you to Rolf van der Vlist from the Netherlands for e-mailing this article into me! You can discuss this news in the Bond 20 Forums where Walther has started this thread on Jean Butler.