1. Strong 'Solace' Open Expected In Spain

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-11-21

    As reported on earlier this week, Quantum of Solace is expected to rule the international box office this weekend for the fourth straight time in a row.

    'Quantum of Solace'

    Quantum of Solace

    In addition to new openings in Australia, South Africa and Peru, the 22nd James Bond film’s debut in Spain is definitely drawing attention, according to Variety.

    Quantum opens today on 533 in the country and bookers are expecting more of the blockbuster business it has shown elsewhere throughout Europe. The film is predicted to do better than Casino Royale, which managed an overall gross of $11.6 million two years ago.

    ‘Takings under $3.8 million for the weekend would be disappointing,’ said a local booker. ‘It should take about $4.5 million,’ another suggested. A third said: ‘Running time of previous releases came in at around two hours. Quantum of Solace is shorter, which means four screenings per day and most likely a very high screen average; just don’t expect much stamina.’

    While pirated copies of the film have already begun to circulate and reviews are generally not as strong as Royale, the reliability of a Bond film cannot be overlooked. ‘No license to bore’ is the title of the La Vanguardia review. ‘An ending as brilliant as its budget,’ said

    Despite several new wide releases in the UK and Germany, none are expected to remove Quantum of Solace from the top spot, where it has dominated for the past few weeks.

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