1. BKD Suggests Three Filming Locations

    By daniel on 2001-10-16

    The German James Bond Club has revealed what they they believe are three filming locations for Bond 20. I should mention that in the title of this article I used the word 'suggest' because this news isn't proven fact yet.

    BKD knows more! The locations for Bond 20 will be Iceland, Spain & South Korea!

    As Scaramanga has pointed out in the Bond 20 Forums this doesn't mean that these will be locations in the film. For instance, in A View To A Kill a filming location was Iceland, however, in the film the scenes were set in Siberia. The same happened in Tomorrow Never Dies. While filming took place in Thailand the scenes were set in Vietnam.

    Furthermore, the mentioning of South Korea further indicates that James Bond will be heading to an Asian location, as we revealed in late September.

    In the same article the BKD hvae also said that Nigel Haves and Arnold Vooslo could both become the villains in Bond 20.

    We'll have more for you as it comes in. Till then feel free to join in the discussion in the Bond 20 Forums where Tim007 first let us know in this thread. It would be great to hear some suggestions of locations in Iceland, South Korea and Spain where the crew could film. See you there!