1. James Bond Memorabilia Going Up For Auction

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-11-16

    James Bond will be featured in an upcoming popular culture and entertainment auction at Christie’s South Kensington on Thursday, 4 December 2008.

    These 27 lots, which include posters, props and various other items from past and present Bond films will surely be sought after by 007 collectors.

    As 007 Magazine OnLine points out, two lots from the estate of Kevin McClory relating to Thunderball and the unmade Warhead film should draw much of the attention.

    Details on selected lots follows:

    Lot 78 – From Russia With Love, 1963 Thunderball, 1965

    A collection of contact prints and stills comprising: 332 black and white contact prints on 29 sheets, the shots taken during the production of the 1963 United Artists/Eon film From Russia With Love, showing the shooting of a number of key scenes in the film taken on location in Istanbul, London and Scotland, some unpublished, the majority featuring Sean Connery, Daniela Bianchi and Lotte Lenya, others featuring the director Terence Young, individual — 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 in. (5.7×5.7cm.), majority of sheets — 10 x 8 1/4 in. (25.5x21cm.); eight black and white stills, seven featuring Daniela Bianchi including one relaxing off set with Sean Connery, and another during a tea break at Pinewood Studios during the initial screen tests for the film, largest — 8 1/4 x 10in. (21×25.5cm.); 12 black and white contract prints on one sheet, the shots of Sean Connery, Luciana Paluzzi and director Terence Young taken during the filming of Thunderball — 10 x 8 1/4 in. (25.5x21cm.); and two black and white stills featuring Sean Connery, Claudine Auger and others taken on set in between takes, both — 8 1/4 x 10in. (21×25.5cm.) (a lot)

    The photographs in this lot are offered for sale without copyright and other reproduction rights.

    Estimate: £1,200 – £1,600

    Lot 85 – Kevin McClory Thunderball, 1965

    Kevin McClory’s shooting script for Thunderball and corresponding storyboard notebook, the script cover with typescript label, numbered 4, titled THUNDERBALL (Shooting Script) 30th November 1964, 138pp. of mimeographed typescript, original blue paper covers, this script with several differences to the final version; accompanied by a spiral bound notebook, signed on the cover in red felt pen Kevin McClory, containing 52 printed storyboards titled Vulcan “Ditching” & Underwater Sequences, each labelled in black felt pen in an unidentified hand, pasted in pairs onto 26 separate pages, each — 3×6 1/2 in. (7.7×16.5cm.), the last page and inside back cover inscribed in blue ballpoint pen in an unidentified hand with various production details including $100,000 for charter…Speak to McClory about Hidrofoil…money in Nassau…Lock up 2 man sub…,4to. original buff paper covers; [accompanied by a letter from the vendor concerning the provenance] (3)

    Estimate: £3,000 – £5,000

    Lot 86 – Kevin McClory Warhead, 1976 Never Say Never Again, 1983

    Kevin McClory’s script for Warhead, an unmade James Bond project, the script entitled “Warhead” Based on “JAMES BOND OF THE SECRET SERVICE” by Ian Fleming, Kevin McClory, Jack Whittingham, giving further details on the title page of the screenplay’s authors Len Deighton, Sean Connery and Kevin McClory, production details including c Branwell Film Productions, March 21, 1976… and FIRST DRAFT 6 September 1978…, 137pp. mimeographed typescript, various characters in the cast list include the hero James Bond and Bond girls: Justine Lovesit and Fatima Blush, other Bond regulars include: Ernst Stavros Blofeld, Felix Leiter, Moneypenny, M and Q, original blue paper covers; accompanied by a black and white photograph of the three authors of the screenplay, Connery, Deighton and McClory at the latter’s home in Ireland, taken during their collaboration on this project [printed later] — 8x10in. (20.4×25.5cm.); and

    Kevin McClory’s shooting script for Never Say Never Again, 119pp. of mimeographed typescript, variously dated from 7.9.82 to 23.9.82; 123pp. of mimeographed storyboards including many dramatic underwater sequences including shipwreck shark attacks on Bond, the duel between Bond and Largo and the assassination of Largo by Domino, the pages contained in a maroon vinyl ring binder — accompanied by a letter from the vendor explaining the provenance (4)

    Estimate: £2,000 – £3,000

    Lot 96 – The Man With The Golden Gun, 1974

    A 24 carat gold-plated replica gun with self-assembling parts comprising a dummy Colibri lighter, a dummy pen to form the barrel, a dummy cigarette case to form the handle and a dummy cufflink to form the trigger, with a corresponding gold-plated replica bullet inscribed 007 — the licenced replica of Bond villain Francesco Scaramanga’s golden gun from the 1974 United Artists/Eon film, manufactured by S.D. Studios circa 1995, in presentation case with combination lock; accompanied by three black and white stills of Christopher Lee as Scaramanga using the original golden gun; and related material (a lot) (4)

    Estimate: £1,500 – £2,500

    Lot 103 – Die Another Day, 2002

    A black leather skirt with black lining, labelled inside Gianni Versace, with additional typescript label Per Cinema — made for Halle Berry as Jinx in the 2002 Eon Productions’ film Die Another Day; accompanied by three colour reproduction images of Berry wearing an identical skirt; and a letter concerning the provenance (5)

    James Bond and Jinx are separately in pursuit of Zao and have arrived at Gustav Graves’ Ice Palace for his public demonstration of “Icarus”, a giant satellite which harnesses the power of the sun. Jinx is seen wearing a similar skirt as part of a suit with an elaborate fringed leather jacket when she arrives at the Palace shortly after Bond.

    Estimate: £2,000 – £3,000

    Lot 104 – Casino Royale, 2006

    Casino Royale, 2006
    A bar stool, the wooden frame with dark red leather seat and back, with brass foot rails, the side cross-stretchers with the Casino Royale logo — 35.5in. (89cm.) high; accompanied by a Certificate Of Authenticity from Eon Productions confirming that the stool was made for Casino Royale.

    Estimate: £500 – £700

    To check out the entire set of 007 memorabilia up for sale or for further information on the Chrsitie’s sale, visit the official website.

    Keep watching for all the latest on James Bond-related events happening around the world.