1. The Special, Exclusive, Limited, Collector's Edition CBn Podcast* is Here

    By @mrpauldunphy on 2008-11-17

    Dear, dear Podcast listener,

    This month’s Podcast is a tribute to you. To thank you for listening and downloading and writing in and reviewing and making the Podcast the 22nd most listened to TV & Film Podcast on UK iTunes (even beating the High School Musical Podcast! The dizzying heights of stardom…)

    So, we have a heap of prizes to give away. Evan Willnow
    Paul Dunphy I could tell you about them now, but that would spoil the surprise, so just listen to this month’s Special, Exclusive, Limited, Collector’s Edition CBn Podcast* for more details. It’s so special. Touch me… That’s it.

    This month, we take time out of just feeding you with news to feed you with some reviews instead. I take a look at some film or other that’s been released (the name escapes me), the new Bond game (Executive Producer of Treyarch Garrett Young also rang up for a chat), the new three disc Deluxe Edition DVD of Casino Royale, the picturesque Bond On Set by Greg Williams and David Arnold’s newest Bond score.

    I also read out some of the words, spaces and punctuations you have been e-mailing me. If I read yours out this month, then technically you’re famous. Congratumulations.

    Until next month (when I imagine things will be quieter and we’ll go back to iTunes obscurity) intrepid Bond fan,


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