1. David Arnold: The Killers A Possibility For 'Bond 23'

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-11-14
    David Arnold

    David Arnold

    Work on the script isn’t even expected to begin until next year and already the Bond 23 news and speculation is beginning to roll in.

    In an interview with Q Daily, Quantum of Solace composer David Arnold has stated he’d be interested in working with The Killers on a future James Bond title theme.

    Arnold stated he had brought up the idea to them a few years ago and would be interested in giving it another go in the future.

    He said: ‘We were talking around about the time of Casino Royale … at that time they were working on their second album in Las Vegas. I always feel to a certain extent that when you’re choosing an artist for a Bond movie, you’re trying to find someone that could almost be in the film and belong to that world, and I think they certainly do. They’ve done amazing records.’

    Fans will recall that The Killers were one of the very first musical artists rumoured for the Quantum of Solace title theme. They set the record straight in December 2006.

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